Curries Fit For The Royal Court Of India

Curries Fit For The Royal Court Of India

The party could be heard from up the street. Stepping into Tandoori Flames was like a scene from an upbeat Bollywood movie. Lots of fine traditional dress adorned with bling and smiles all round. The smell of the Indian curry eased the frustration of getting badly lost.

Namaste and Jimmy pride themselves on their traditional Indian food and courteous and attentive service. The first Tandoori Flames Fine Indian Restaurant was opened in 2008 South Kingsville (10 minutes from Melbourne CBD, but much longer from my house when you go via every suburb possible).

The menu was extensive so we went for the easy option of a vegetarian banquet (also available in vegan). This must be the best value in town and delivered very promptly. For only $25 we enjoyed two large entrees Vegetarian Pakora and Aloo Tikki.

For Mains we were served: Daal Makhni, Malai Kofta with Raita, Saffron rice, Garlic Naan (clearly just cooked and just the way I like it) and garden salad. For dessert we had Pista Kulfi (a sweet Indian version of a sweet donut floating in a warm sweet syrup) and peppermint ice-cream.

The Vegetarian Pakora was seasoned vegetables tossed in special spices and battered in very yummy chickpea flour. These just melted in the mouth. I thought this would be my favorite of the night but then the Aloo Tikki was served. These mouth sized puffs were sprinkled with chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber and tamarin sauce. This was a bit spicy but delicious.

The staff was attentive, inquiring how we were going, when we would like the next serve, would we like any more rice or anything else? We were really treated like royalty.

The Daal Makhni was a black lentil dish that I had never had before. It was simmered over embers in a Tandoori oven with onions, chili, ginger, fresh cream and butter. Then came the Malai Kofta that was mixed vegetables and cheese dumplings in a mild sauce. I think this was my favorite.

There’s a good reason why the food tastes so good. The chefs have over 50 years combined experience, working in some of the major five star hotels worldwide and creating some of the finest curries from the royal court of India.

Two more extensive banquets are also available for $30 and $35. After entrée we hardly made a dint in the mains so I was glad we hadn’t ordered more. The meals are overly generous serves so in preparation, don’t eat all day. You don’t want to leave anything on the plate!

They are certainly a venue with the lot. Apart from providing award-winning food (eat in or take away), they cater for private functions, parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, reunions, christenings, seminars and pretty much any other event in-house or at other venues. Call them to discuss our Banquet Menu or group offers.

Tandoori Flames has a constantly evolving menu and personalise dishes to your tastes. They also have a carefully matched wine list. View some of the menu items here.

Tandoori Flames is also serious about entertainment. Every weekend they have live music, belly dancing and a purpose built dance floor. They also host Bollywood Masala dinner dance nights. This includes a Bollywood DJ and live performances and a delicious Indian buffet dinner. Get set for a big night as the Bollywood Masala dinner dance nights are from 7pm until late for only $45 per person. There are limited places so call Natasha 0402439350 to book.

But wait, there’s more… If you register to receive their monthly newsletters which includes offers and information, they will send you a free $10 complementary voucher for dine-in restaurant service. Click here via our website. They also offer a delivery service to surrounding areas for a minimal fee of $5.

Namaste and Jimmy welcome all comers to Tandoori Flames Indian Restaurant Melbourne in South Kingsville. There’s plenty of parking on Brunel Street and Moresby Street. A tip from someone who learnt the hard way – put South in front of Kingsville (not at the end). They also have a restaurant in West Footscray. That’s on our to do list.

Tandoori Flames serve excellent food and overly large servings fit for a Bollywood star. So raise your hands in the air, left kick, right kick and swing those hips. Come and join the party at Tandoori Flames. If you are like many of their other loyal customers you will want to come back again and again.

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